Peter Kuchinke, the glass master behind our Cristalica studio glass recipe, has created a recipe based on his experience as a glass technician, as well as his practice as a glass blower. In that context, starting with 2011, we have set forth to offering high-quality studio glass, produced to high standards and with a recipe adapted to meet your most diverse needs – in glass blowing, as well as kiln casting.

Pre-molten material

for your art glass

ENERGY SAVING: Cristalica glass can be just reheated at about 1150° Celsius and therefore saves up to 30 % of melting energy

FASTER MELTING SCHEMES: Cristalica hot glass hardly needs any charging time compared to batch or batch pellets.

NO LOSS IN MASS: Compared to glass batch – which sustains a typical 15-20% loss in mass – with Cristalica Premium Studio Glass you get what you give: 100 kg of nuggets will result in 100 kg workable glass.

VERSATILITY: The Cristalica hot glass compositions are all made for advanced craftsmanship and manual blowing, casting, forming. It is an excellent material for kiln casting and smooth for cutting and polishing.

What is Cristalica Glass?

As an alternative to batch, our Cristalica Premium Studio Glass has been designed and tested especially for re-melting in electric driven and gas-powered glass studio furnaces. The lower melting temperature necessary for heating up the material without dust or vapors is just one of many advantages. Due to this feature, the creation of high quality and massive forms and sculptures is enabled and the articles produced have a brilliance generically regarded specific only to crystal.

A look

behind the scenes

Our production process is continuous: our agglomerated quality batch is charged into one end of our furnace and glass runs out at the other as a a glass thread that is cut hot and conveyored away; the material is then slowly cooled down in steel containers.



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