The dream is old. Many studio glass artists nowadays want to buy glass cullet instead of mixing batch or buying glass batch pellets. Already when the studio glass movement started in the ‘60s many glass artists were searching for “glass cullet” in the manufacturing industry or even in the glass fibre business.

In Scandinavia and the UK, it was possible to buy cullet in large amounts until the end of the ‘90s from different factories, but many manufactures did not want to sell it anymore, as it was more attractive to re-use the cullet in their own production or because they simply changed their production by using more and more colour in their articles.

So by the end of the ‘90s many studios started using glass batch pellets, which needed to be melted at higher temperatures than cullet and also required a much longer charging time.

Cristalica had established itself as an expert of the glass craftsmanship since 1867. In that context, starting with 2011 we have set forth to offering high-quality studio glass, produced to high standards and with a recipe adapted to meet your most diverse needs – in glass blowing, as well as kiln casting.

We strive to unite our century-old tradition in glass creation with the modern realities of the glass art world, so as to satisfy the needs of our esteemed glass artists throughout the world.

Peter Kuchinke, the glass master behind our Cristalica studio glass recipe, has created a recipe based on his experience as a glass technician, as well as his practice as a glass blower.

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