Advantages of Studio Glass vs. Batch

Cristalica Premium Studio Glass is an already melted, highly brilliant “raw glass” containing barium, zinc, potassium, antimony and aluminium. 

ENERGY SAVING: Cristalica glass can be simply reheated at about 1150° Celsius and therefore saves up to 30 % of melting energy

FASTER MELTING SCHEMES: Cristalica hot glass hardly needs any charging time compared to batch or batch pellets.

CRUCIBLE/FURNACE LIFE: Cristalica glass does not consume your crucible. At least 4 times prolonged crucible lifetime is detected at users of pre-molten material.

COMPATIBILITY: Cristalica glass is made compatible to the different colour producers (Reichenbach and Gaffer have tested our glass for compatibility and recommend it for their most varied colour pallets!)

BRILLIANCE: Cristalica glass is dishwasher-safe, and the added erbium garantees a crystal-like glow without any necessity for lead being introduced in the recipe

VERSATILITY: The Cristalica hot glass composition is made for advanced craftsmanship and manual blowing, casting, forming. It is an excellent material for kiln casting and smooth for cutting and polishing.

NO LOSS IN MASS: Compared to glass batch – which sustains a typical 15-20% loss in mass – with Cristalica Premium Studio Glass you get what you give: 100 kg of nuggets will result in 100 kg workable glass.

NO FUMES: Cristalica glass does not release any fumes when re-melted and can therefore be used in residential areas or without special exhausts.

NO DUST, NO TOXICITY: Cristalica glass does not dust at all when charged into the furnace and keeps your workspace free of batch dust and your colleagues and yourself safe from any health hazards.

UNAFFECTED BY HUMIDITY:  The Cristalica Studio Glass is “oblivious” to humidity. You can even store the ”glass noddles” outside.

EFFICIENT STORAGE: You avoid stacking up and holding up valuable studio space with the various elements needed for producing your own batch. Instead you get the ready-to-use studio glass delivered right to your doorstep!

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