Recipe and Compatibility

We make hot glass out of the finest sand, with the lowest iron content, and decolorize with Erbium. Apart from sodium and potassium, calcium and aluminium, we also use borax, barium, zinc, antimony and lithium to create a brilliant and durable glass. The formulas are designed for the different types of handmade art glass, including those pieces produced with the finest and most pretentious techniques.

After carrying out many tests and measurements regarding viscosity, we recommend the use of our glass with Reichenbach, Gaffer and Kugler colours.

The unique formula of the Cristalica glass provides excellent compatibility with most of the glass colours employed by artists, as our COE100 (which is regarded as a soft 96 internationally) is very versatile. We recommend and encourage practical tests for obtaining the best results.

  • Cristalica Studio Glass 100

Our all-rounder with good results for most popular colors. This COE allows you to create the most diverse projects and designs with a single recipe.

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